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Welcome to our Gym Section

We pride ourselves on being a small independent friendly, family gym, with a relaxed atmosphere, where members feel welcomed
and comfortable.


Members are encouraged to take part to participate in friendly gym challenges, and to partake in the social events hosted by the Club.


Members range from 16 years to 80! Everyone is welcome.
The gym has three sections; the cardio and stretch room on the upper floor, and weights and treadmill rooms on the lower.

Also available are various exercise classes, such as circuit training for fit people as an additional challenge to get fitter, pilates for inner body core strength and control, gym training sessions for people who need motivation and guidance whilst training.

Cardio Training
Do you want to increase your energy levels? Reduce stress? Or just shape up?


Then visit our cardio room for interval workouts, endurance exercises or sport training which can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Try out our adaptive motion trainer, changing the intensity of your workout from low impact stepping to high intensity running,
governed by your own stride pattern.

Strength Training
Use free weights, resistance machines and Olympic bar to
increase muscle and tone, to sculpt your ideal body shape,
whether it’s to be simply toned, lean or athletic.
Free weights includes Olympic bench press, Smith machine, free standing benches, tricep and abdominal chair, dumbbells and barbells.
Fixed resistance machines include chest press, shoulder press, peck desk, lat pulldown, inner/outer thigh, leg curl, leg press and leg extension.